Friday, October 11, 2013

Professorial Professor Cohen

I left this comment:

ah, the moral high ground of self-righteousness.  the Muslims came to Jerusalem, destroyed the Christian structures there, prevented Jews from entering and killing a few who accidentally stumbled inside (here) and that's moral and ethical enough to prevent Aryeh from going to the Kotel because houses, excuse me, slums, underwent urban renewal, houses from which rocks, bombs and exrcement were thrown at Jews during the Mandate period.

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and this - "WoW has become an unwitting ally of some strange bedfellows — those in the movement to rebuild the Temple. WoW recently posted a piece...on their website that advocated for equal access for everybody (Jews and Muslims) to pray on the Temple Mount and equal access for everybody (male and female Jews) to pray at the Kotel".  Wow!  So a law on the books that protects freedom of access & worship is to be denied by Cohen because - er, why?  Only liberal progressives can benefit?  No obscurantist Muslim Waqf can be told that they must adopt democratic ideals!  God forbid!  No religious cooperation.  No coexistence.  No pluralism.  No.  That is so professorial.

at this post

'Why I cannot stand with Women of the Wall'

Nothing in Israel, or in the Middle East, is disconnected from anything else. Yet the issue of women’s religious access to the Kotel is treated, especially in North America, as if it exists in a vacuum.

By Aryeh Cohen


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