Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Temple Mount Absurdities

Where else can you prevent Jews from praying, throw stones at the police that perhaps could protect those Jews (if they were so commanded) and then enjoy full freedom to hang a poster glorifying you throwing those rocks while the police guard you and prevent Jews from even entering the Temple Mount this week?

And where else can you be a clown and be holy, too?



A new op-ed.

Yet, even though the State of Israel is in full control of Jerusalem, Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims are forbidden entry to the Temple Mount, except during very limited hours. And during those few hours, Jews can only walk in near silence; they may not pray.

A member of the Wakf, the Muslim religious council, monitors the movements of Jewish visitors, and the Israel Police will arrest any Jew upon a complaint by a Wakf member that a Jew was praying on the Temple Mount.

This happened to me and my daughter when we visited the Temple Mount the day before her wedding.

Her swaying in silent meditation was enough to anger our Wakf monitor and land us in the police station for hours for threatening the public welfare.

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Anonymous said...

"And where else can you be a clown and be holy, too?" Catholic Mass, says the Catholic. Don't believe me? Google "clown" and "Mass."