Sunday, October 13, 2013

Not "Two-State" But "Two-Stage" Solution

The time has come to replace the old two-state paradigm with a new and more achievable goal: the two-stage solution. The first stage is ensuring security, stability and prosperity for both Israelis and Palestinians — what I call peaceful non-reconciliation. The second would be a gradual move toward a final resolution of the conflict, consolidating peace and political rights by bringing Jordan back into the picture and dividing functions, not territory.

Dani Dayan
Los Angeles Times

P.S.  I left this comment there:

This - "to give a new generation of Israelis hope that peace can be achieved" - should actually be "to give a new generation of Arabs the ability to grasp that peace can be achieved".

Peace, full peace, that is, cannot be achieved until a new generation of Arabs in Judea and Samaria have been educated to accept and desire peace and coexistence. The past 20 years - and recall, a kindergraten age Arab in 1993 is now a university graduate - have resulted in he/she having been inculcated with hate, admiration for terror, filled with murderous incitement and encouraged to see the Jews as lacking all national ethos, our Temple in Jerusalem denied and all the old anti-Zionist tirades still in the schoolbooks. We need another 20 years to correct all that.


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