Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Wall Arises

For your private pleasure, try substituting "Israel" for "Turkey":-

Turkey has started constructing a wall on its troubled border with Syria in an effort to stop fighters slipping into the country.

Foundations of the 2m-high wall are being laid in the city of Nusaybin. It is a largely Kurdish area, and the first aim is to make it more difficult for Syrian Kurds to join radical Kurdish groupings in Turkey, but it also forms part of a broader plan to control the flow of jihadists travelling in and out of the country.

Ayse Gokkan, the mayor of Nusaybin, said the work was being carried out by Turkish army units. “We have been told that the need to construct a wall arose because of security concerns.”

The wall, which is likely to be topped by rolls of barbed wire, will be the latest in a patchwork of wall and security fences that now cut up the Middle East.

The longest is the mined Moroccan sand-wall of the Western Sahara, which is 2,700km long and is supposed to keep at bay Polisario insurgents.


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