Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Arab "Settlements" - Why Not?

I left this comment

and this satire site which had this lead in:

Latest Israeli settlements “real step in right direction” for new peace process
August 12, 2013

JERUSALEM: Following yesterday’s authorisation of 1,200 new homes to be built in illegal West Bank settlements, all sides involved in the newly restarted Middle East peace process were in agreement that the latest housing development would provide a definite boost to the negotiations.

“This is exactly the sort of rational, forward-thinking move we were looking for to help get discussions going,” said US Secretary of State John Kerry, who had been integral to bringing the Israeli and Palestinian parties back to the table. “Once again, Israel has shown that when it comes to taking bold steps in the search for a viable, lasting solution, it really does mean business.”

Will it be authorized?


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