Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Price Tag Too Costly

The "Price Tag" activity is too costly.

Criminal.  Immoral.  Wrong.  Dangerous.  I have condemned it previously.

The outpost of Geulat Tzion was dismantled today:-

Arabs did not do it.  The Army, the Border Police and the Civil Administration did it.

Yes, those security forces have nothing better to do than to engage in this activity and it should be protested.

But this following is plain stupid as well as all of the above:

(Ma'an) -- Dozens of settlers set fire to agricultural land in in the district of Nablus on Wednesday and attacked students at a local school, a Palestinian Authority official said.  Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma'an that settlers from Shilo set fire to agricultural land in an area known as Mount Jalud.  Dozens of settlers then raided a school in the nearby village of Qaryut and vandalized five cars. The group also set fire to land in the village, destroying dozens of olive trees...Settlers tried to enter the village but were confronted by local residents, Daghlas added.  An Israeli army spokeswoman said the military is looking into the incident.

And here is the AP report:

Residents of a Palestinian village in the West Bank say masked Jewish settlers burst into a school, vandalized cars and torched olive trees during a rampage that forced schoolchildren to remain locked in classrooms to keep safe.  Fawzi Ali, a teacher at the school in Jaloud, says the settlers entered on Wednesday and began throwing stones. He says teachers locked classroom doors to protect the school's 175 students as the doors were pelted.  The settlers smashed the windshields of several cars outside, and then lit a fire that burned through a nearby olive grove.

Read more here:

Repeated by Fox.

Channel One TV announced that 6 suspects were arrested.


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