Tuesday, October 01, 2013

UN Wipes Israel Off Its Web Site (UPDATED)

If you go here, the UN General Assembly's official site, you can read that today's speaker No. 12 is

  • Israel
    H.E. Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu

    Prime Minister

But if you go to select the speaker and country to review his or her remarks, there's a problem:

That's right.

Israel has been removed for the UN.

And "Palestine"?

Read Netanyahu here.

P.S.  Some say that those are the speeches that have been made and that Bibi hadn't handed in prepared remarks.  But Bibi's speech has been up for over an hour now at his site so what's doing at the UN?




Israel is now back up there.

Of course, they could have had "Israel" listed with a note "transcript not yet available".  But that would have required some thinking.  And imagination.



NormanF said...

Yisrael -

I have to confess I think its a godsend!

If Israel would only quit the Jew-hating UN, it would get more respect.

Acting like a battered woman hasn't done the Jewish State good over the past several decades.

Maybe its a sign of the times?

Anonymous said...

But Palestine (State of) IS there.

J.Clifford said...

I noticed this today - I also saw some questions with a reporter I did not recognize called Matthew who did not let the very serpent like UN official off lightly.