Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Neve Gordon supports one-state consociationalism and does so

to follow the footsteps of major Zionist intellectuals who supported a binational state — like the great philosopher Martin Buber and the founder and first president of Hebrew University, Judah Magnes.

Big deal.

This, however, is a big deal, the caption to the photograph illustrating the op-ed:

The West Bank settlement of Beitar Elit, an ultra-Orthodox bastion south of the biblical Palestinian town of Bethlehem, is seen.

The biblical Palestinian town of Bethlehem (thanks to AH)


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NormanF said...

Neve Gordon is one of the worst post-Zionist extremists. He is a tenured professor at Ben Gurion University. His anti-Israel viewpoint is pretty uniform amongst the Israeli intelligentsia.

Binational state? Show us one in the entire world never mind the Middle East that has actually worked. This is fantasy that passes for sophisticated thinking and Gordon is full of it!