Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Luring a Policeman

Picture A Day sent me to this film seeking to attract recruits to the Palestine Police Force.

It was

"Produced in Palestine by the No.1 Army Film and Photographic Unit during 1945, Palestine Police is a recruitment film, and was intended largely for a British home audience. The file kept on the film indicates that it was received from Palestine by the Colonial Office on 5 December 1945; it premiered to assorted dignitaries at the Ministry of Information on 7 January 1946, before being shown widely throughout the UK by Army mobile cinemas..."

While I found the script fair and even willing to mention the violence that awaited, although it is too too idyllic, two things caught my attention.

First, the use of Tel Aviv's beach and Jewish women in bathing suits:

The second, while Jews are mentioned, it is usually to point out the ultra-Orthodox.  Yes, there are Jewish "settlements" (at 2:25) and modern agricultural methods, but Jewish National Home is absent. Arabic language learning is taught but we don't hear of a Hebrew Ulpan.

And there's this sign off:-

I presume today we'd refer to that as institutionalized discrimination?


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