Thursday, July 04, 2013

Were They Ruling the Arabs?

Caught this:

Israeli archaeologists uncover base of 6th Roman Legion in Galilee

Israeli archaeologists have found ruins they believe are the site of one of the two Roman legions based in the country between 120 and 300 C.E....the Legio Sexta Ferrata, the 6th Roman Legion, also known as the Ironclad expedition...found the base of a battery or wall, a moat surrounding  the camp, water pipes, a covered sewage channel, coins and tiles. The legion's symbol adorned a broken shingle.

...In Arabic, it was known as Lajun before early Zionists restored the name Megiddo..."From here, around 3,500 soldiers in a hierarchical system ruled over the Galilee and part of Samaria.”

...the chapel offered evidence of an ancient Christian community whose members included Roman officers. This was the period before Christianity was recognized as a religion, and well before it became Rome’s official religion. The chapel was apparently abandoned at the end of the third century.  Tepper believes the legion camp was also abandoned around that time.  “You can see that the camp wasn't destroyed but was abandoned in an orderly way," he says. "From here they moved east across the Jordan River.”

a)  so who were being ruled by the Romans? 

b)  who had been revolting?

c) whose country's independence had been lost?

d)  and --- why does Haaretz write "early Zionists restored the name Megiddo"?  Why not Jews?


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