Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Too Can Be Brainwashed

Birth of a future monarch an inadequate excitement?

Massacres of Arabs in Syria getting you down?

Arab Spring has sprung?

Not enough Lady Gaga?

Pessimism regarding the newest Kerry-round of peace negotiations?

Depressed that Abbas still refuses to call for new elections after almost eight years of the suspension of the trappings of democracy?

There is a solution!

Attend this, the SOAS Palestine Society Annual Conference:

Conference Programme

DAY ONE     |     Saturday 5th October 2013
9.35-10.15     Keynote Address – Overcoming Oslo, Restoring Popular Sovereignty – Karma Nabulsi, University of Oxford

10.15-11.45     Session 1: Situating Palestine
1. Unsettling Exceptionalism: Bringing a Race, Class and Gender Perspective to Palestine – Nahla Abdo, Carleton University
2. The Continuity of Colonial Control Mechanisms in Palestine – Laleh Khalili, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
3. Oslo and the Taming of National Liberation Struggles in the Arab World - Gilbert Achcar, School of Oriental and African Studies, London

12.00-13.30     Session 2: Subjects of Self-Criticism
1. Histories of Self-Criticism within the Palestinian Liberation Struggle – Abdel-Razzaq Takriti, University of Sheffield
2. Promises not Reached, Dreams Waiting to be Realized: Oslo and its Aftermath – Eileen Kuttab, Birzeit University
3. The Roots of Oslo: Beyond an Ideological Critique – Adam Hanieh, School of Oriental and African Studies, London

14.15-15.45     Session 3: Oslo and the Fragmentation of the Body Politic

1. The Palestinian Citizens in Israel After Oslo – Nimer Sultany, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
2. Wadi ‘Araba: Precarious citizenship and Palestinians in Jordan – Mohammad Al-Masri (tbc), Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies
3. On Loss and Renewal in Lebanon – Diana K. Allan (tbc), Cornell University

16.00-17.30     Session 4: International Law, the Human Rights Turn, and the Struggle for Palestine

1. International Law as Anti-Colonial Struggle – Hassan Jabareen (tbc), ADALAH: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel
2. Settler Colonialism and International Law in the 21st Century - Darryl Li, Columbia University
3. In the Land of the International: Palestine, Revolution and War  - Samera Esmeir, University of California, Berkeley
DAY TWO    |    Sunday 6th October 2013
Session 5: Social Reproduction Under Oslo

1. Water as Political Tool to Encourage or Discourage Settlement - Mark Zeitoun, University of East Anglia
2. Solidity and Fluidity in the Bubble: Housing Development, State-building, and Cultural Reproduction in the Contemporary West Bank – Kareem Rabie, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
3. Breaking the Popular, Securing the Local: Aid and Its Fragmentary States – Lisa Bhungalia, Syracuse University
4. Hooked on Electricity: Colonizing Palestine on the Grid – Omar Jabary Salamanca, Ghent University

Session 6: Oslo and the Consequences for Resistance

1. International Investigative Commissions in Palestine, Before and After Oslo – Lori Allen, University of Cambridge
2. Contextualizing Contemporary Palestinian Popular Resistance - Ala Al-Azzeh, Rice University 3. Palestine De-Osloized! – Haidar Eid, Al-Aqsa University
4. The Oslo Generation on Exile Politics: Between Solidarity and Leadership – Nour Joudah, Institute for Palestine Studies

14.30-16.10     Session 7: Integrating Critique and Moving Forward

1. Co-opted Solidarity and the Challenge of Joint Struggle - Sara Kershnar, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
2. Rebuilding the Movement: From the Popular Committees to the Labor Unions – Jamal Juma, Stop the Wall
3. Organizing in Yarmouk Camp – Youssef Fakhreddine, Ajras Al-Awda, Yarmouk Camp, Syria
4. Don’t Mourn – Organise: Organisation, the Struggle Against Apartheid and the Palestinian Predicament - Steven Friedman, Rhodes University/University of Johannesburg

Food, refreshments included.  But no Halachic Shabbat observance, even if Neturei Karta show up.

Towels provided for the interested in case you are dirtied by spittle, froth and uncontrolled ejaculations due to orgiastic reverberations.


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