Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Unfortunate Reference Phrase

Caught this:

Secretary of State John F. Kerry said at a news conference Tuesday that the two sides "have agreed today that all of the final status issues, all of the core issues and all other issues are on the table for negotiations.... They are on the table with a single goal: a view to ending the conflict, ending the claims."

Kerry's statement "has now fleshed it out and made more specific that they're going for a full agreement, to bring an end of conflict and an end of claims," said Robert Danin, a former U.S. diplomat in the Middle East who is now with the Council on Foreign Relations. "This is a maximalist agenda."

If there's any "flesh", I hope it will not include any Jewish sacrifices of lives - neither as a result of the releasing of terrorist murderers or the increasing of Pal. presumption that violence works to force diplomatic catastrophes on Israel.


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Anonymous said...

don't worry about it. The voting base in America doesn't have any serious interest in the situation. The talks are for show, to help keep the correct people in charge in Cairo and Kuwait and Riyadh. Just IMMEDIATELY shoot any Americans who are sent to enforce any evacuations; the Americans will run away faster than the Filipinos did from the Golan (the flips came back because the government in Manila RECEIVES PAYMENTS for the service). The voting public in USA won't tolerate bodybags to humor the Palestinians.