Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Have An Awful Feeling


I have an awful feeling we're being dumped on with this prisoner deal:

My thoughts.


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Anonymous said...

The terms of the deal are pretty clear:

The PLO agrees to come to Washington and make unreasonable demands of Israel in exchange for an Israeli release of 100 terrorists, a continuation of the existing “silent” settlement freeze” and a US clarification that its position continues to be (as expressed by Obama) that negotiations should be based on presumptive PLO sovereignty over all territories unlawfully occupied by Egypt and Transjordan in 1948 and held until 1967.

As a deal with the Palestinians, it’s clearly a dumb one. But really, the deal is just to get Obama off Israel’s back. In my opinion, it’s cheaper than the 10-month freeze Israel gave to Obama last term. I question the wisdom of both concessions, but avoiding an open breach with the US is an Israeli interest worth paying for.

But the idea that there’s anything behind this is just wishful thinking or paranoia (depending on your politics).

There’s no secret deal on Iran.

There’s no framework for a final status deal with the Palestinians. The PLO is not going to make an offer, and Netanyahu likely is not going to either. And, in any event, even if Netanyahu were to make an offer (unwisely), Abbas would reject it.