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Hadassah, the Hebrew University - and the New EU Guidelines

 [see UPDATE & EU reply below]

From here:

11. Q. Questions have been raised in the Israeli media as to whether the Hebrew University is eligible to receive EU grants under the new guidelines. Will the Hebrew University be eligible? 

A. The place of establishment of the Hebrew University is within the 1967 lines. Therefore, as long as the funded activity also takes place inside the 1967 lines or is for an activity that is carried out in the territories but that aims to benefit protected persons (as defined in Art. 4 paragraphs 1 & 2 of the 4th Geneva Convention of 1949) who live in these territories and/or aims to promote the Middle East peace process in line with EU policy, the grant application will be considered eligible. 

I have some additional questions:

a) if I can prove that parts of the University or hospital have expanded beyond the "enclave" delineations, what do I do?

b) was the hospital and university excluded more because of the good work they do with Arabs than any other reason, including what employees of the various EU agencies and the NGOs it supports gain?

c) why is the "49-67 enclave" area okay?  wasn't it outside the 1947 UN borders and later conquered and occupied by Israel?  why is that military action okay but the 1967 military operation isn't?

d) on second thought, why isn't Hadassah Hospital mentioned?

Mr. David Kriss, is this EU "protekzia"?


The reply:

Dear Mr. Medad,

The FAQs were published as a general guide. Eligibility on a case-by-case basis will always be determined only within the context of an actual project application.


Press & Information Manager
Delegation of the European Union to the State of Israel

Did that answer anything?

My response:

Thank you, David, for your reply.

I must, however, point out that it avoided the principled issues, and since the EU seems to be basing its selective processes on a principle - i.e., that Israel has no right to assert any authority over territory outside the 1949 armistice lines (which never had the status of any legitimate legal border but were where Israel managed to halt and throw back naked Arab aggression which was launched in violation of the UN resolutions and decisions, as well as those decided by the League of Nations), I must press you on the specifics:

-   why was the Hebrew University mentioned but not Hadassah?  after all, there are but two Israeli institutions there in the former 'enclave' area?

-   if either of those are located beyond the original area, would you invite any such revelations?

-   why is the 1949 line sacrosanct but not the 1947, especially in the Jerusalem area?

-   as far as I can tell, the definition of "protected persons" refers to nationals of a State.  since there was never a state of Palestine, nor is there, does that affect the situation?

-   if a program is run by Jews who lived in Judea and Samaria prior to 1949, can it be funded?  must it deal with Arabs only or can Jews be benefits of the program and must those Jews be descendents of said Jews?

Awaiting your reply.



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