Friday, July 19, 2013

Quran Desecrated - Not in Jerusalem Though

But the behavior we see in Jerusalem by Muslims is the same.


Protesters clashed with government troops in several parts of Indian-controlled Kashmir on Friday, defying a government curfew imposed to quell large scale demonstrations over the killing of four villagers in the disputed Himalayan region.

Locals, responding to a call to protest by separatist groups, threw rocks as police and paramilitary soldiers tried to stop them...Six police and paramilitary troops and at least two protesters were injured in the clashes.

The unrest follows the fatal shootings of four villagers by government troops on Thursday. More than 40 others were injured as troops clashed with locals protesting the alleged desecration of the Muslim holy book...The protesters have accused the Indian Border Security Force of tearing pages of several copies of the Quran and beating a school caretaker at a religious seminary during a search for militants Wednesday night.

Rajiv Krishna, a senior Border Security Force officer, rejected the desecration charges...


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