Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Will It Be Full-Term ?

As Reuters has it

Israel and the Palestinians will seek to reach a peace agreement within nine months and negotiators will meet again within two weeks after holding a "positive" first round of talks, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday...Kerry said he believed peace was possible despite the obstacles..."I know the path is difficult. There is no shortage of passionate skeptics. But with capable, respected negotiators ... I am convinced that we can get there," he added. "All of the core issues, and all other issues, are all on the table for negotiation."
Kerry...has urged Israelis and Palestinians to strike "reasonable compromises."

In Arabic, Maan adds:

 واكد عريقات "لقد عانى الفلسطينيون بما يكفي، ولا أحد يستفيد من نجاح هذه المساعي أكثر من الفلسطينيين".
Erekat said, "The Palestinians have suffered enough, and no one takes advantage of the success of these endeavors more than the Palestinians."

And Kerry added:

The Israeli Government...will be taking in the next days and weeks a number of steps in order to improve conditions in the West Bank and in Gaza. And the Palestinian security forces have recognized this, which is why we have seen such a dramatic improvement in law and order and such a dramatic decrease in terror attacks originating from the West Bank.

Nothing from the Pals.?

Only some vague development of "Palestinian security capacity".

And here's Erekat and a bit of Arafatian repetition:

Thank you, Mr. Secretary. Thank you, Minister Livni...I am delighted that all final status issues are on the table and will be resolved without any exceptions, and it’s time for the Palestinian people to have an independent, sovereign state of their own. It’s time for the Palestinian people to have an independent, sovereign state of their own. It’s time for the Palestinians to live in peace, freedom, and dignity within their own independent, sovereign state.

Tzipi Lini's main contribution was:

 history is not made by cynics. It is made by realists who are not afraid to dream

I am a cynical realist.


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