Monday, July 22, 2013

Pals Fear Bar Refaeli?

The news is

Israel-based Fox clothing chain to open Ramallah branch

and there's a problem:

Palestinians in Ramallah on Monday expressed outrage on news that the Israel-based Fox clothing chain was planning to open a branch in their city...Large advertising signs in the city announcing the impending opening of a Fox store enraged Palestinian activists involved in various campaigns to promote boycotts of Israel.

...Activist Zeid al-Shuaibi said that opening a Fox branch in Ramallah was in violation of PA laws banning normalization with Israel and trade with settlers...Fadi al-Arouri, a Palestinian journalist involved in the anti-normalization campaign, said that the opening of a Fox branch in Ramallah was a “stain of disgrace in light of calls for boycotting the state of occupation and its produces.”

Al-Arouri accused the PA’s Ministry of Economy of facilitating the entry of Israeli products to the Palestinian market by giving Israeli companies and merchants permits to work in the Palestinian territories.

A spokesman for the PA Ministry of Economy, Hatem Sarhan, said that the Fox store that was planning to open in Ramallah was not an Israeli firm. He said that a company under the same name had registered with his ministry in April 2008 as a local Palestinian business.

I can't imagine what the problem is.

Maybe it's the Fox house model?  

Bar Refaeli.

Even Israelis have problems with her.



Thor said...

The problem is immigrants of last century posing as if the land was always their to dispose of like god told them they could.

Viator said...

USA has poor history of helping its allies. When it gets hot the USA make a quick redraw, expect same thing for Israel. Make amends to those Israel robbed (and killed for) land from, like right now and get some peace for the next couple of hundreds of years.