Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Graphic Zionism on the New EU Directive

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On the directive.

Some good ideas

Who will be economically hurt

"Settlements" is a code word for Jerusalem by Caroline Glick 

The baseless hatred of the EU towards Israel by Melanie Phillips



Anonymous said...

Find and publish a list of products made in Catalonia, the Basque Country, Sardinia, Scotland, Cueta, Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, Memel (which the Lithuanians call “Klaipeda”), Danzig (which the Poles call “Gdansk”), Pomerania, Silesia, East Prussia and the Sudetenland and demand that they not enter Israel tariff free because they are made in "occupied territories". What's sauce for the goose ...

What might also be interesting ..... find - or create a product manufactured on the eastern shore of the Kinneret or along the Dan between Kibbutz Dan and the Banias Spring and when the EU imposes a tariff on it, sue them based on the fact that the Mandate placed that territory within Israel and it was illegally occupied by Syria in 1948. It was within the int

Anonymous said...

A spokesman for the Delegation of the European Union to Israel told IMRA today that the Mount Scopus locations of Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital both have a special status as they were "Israeli enclaves" from
1948 through 1967.

Both institutions will continue to qualify for EU funding for activities on
Mount Scopus.