Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Fortnight Closure of the Temple Mount

It's closed for all non-Muslims.

For the first time in a decade, the police have closed down the Temple Mount to all visitors for an extended period of time under the pretense that this is a holiday season.

While there are a few Muslim festival days, they do not add up to almost two weeks.  Moreover, since the Pesach period last March-April, the Waqf has been instigating, in increasing forms of provocative activities - yelling, congregating, threatening behavior, actual pushing and shoving as well as false or misrepresentative claims of desecration by Jews - all intended to force the police to be able to say that they are unable to sontrol the public order.

The result?

Jews are banned.

And now, tourists as well.


The Muslims Waqf Trust, in a particularly political way, is asserting, together with assistance from Jordan's King, an effort to reconstruct the so-called status quo.

The defeatism of the police is worrisome, both in not protecting the site's Jewish visitors and in not championing Jewish rights under the law.


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