Thursday, July 25, 2013

No "Jewish ritual in front of the "Wailing Wall"

Now asserted

No Jewish ritual presence in front of the "Wailing Wall"

It is known that the "Wailing Wall" is a chapel in accordance with the law of the Jews, and one of their sacred monuments, where attending to the practice of ritual mourning for the destruction of the structure of the Prophet Solomon, peace be upon him. While he calls Muslims to "Wailing Wall", where linking the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him his mount "Buraq". When this wall the night of Ascension, and then entered the Al-Aqsa Mosque and prayed prophets peace be upon them, to the effect that this wall is part of the heritage of Muslims, before falling town the whole in the hands of the scum of the Jews.

That isn't very nice.

Let me know when some moderate Muslim condemns this.


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Hilltop Savta said...

Interesting. As i understand it, Al-Aksa was built 6 years after Mohammad's death, so how he visited is another one of those Muslim history-defying miracles.

In addition, it was Amin Husseini, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood patriarch that the British brought in and installed as the "Grand Mufti of Jerusalem", who decided that Al-Aksa was the "far off" mosque mentioned in the Koran that Mohammad visited (in his dreams/in reality-doesn't matter. Both 6 years too early), making the Temple Mount the 3rd holiest site in Islam (sic). He also decided in the 1940's that the Kotel was where Mo tied his winged horse-like creature while he went up to heaven to chat for a while with Jesus and Moses. This suddenly made the Wall a Muslim holy site as well.

All of this is a hoax by the Arabs in order to wrest Jerusalem and its Holy sites away from the Children of Israel. I guess the Nazi's are right: 'the bigger the lie, the more it's repeated, the more it's believed'.