Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Deputy Minister for Religious Services On The Temple Mount

Well, not physically.

An interview rather.

At INN Hebrew:

As for the situation in which Jews were forbidden to ascend to the Temple Mount and they are stopped at the gates while the Muslims can pray during Ramadan on the Mount, Rabbi Ben Dahan said that this situation is not acceptable, however it need be keep in mind that those Jews who are not entering do so in accordance with the religious prohibition imposed by the Chief Rabbis.

With all this, Rabbi Ben Dahan adds that the fact that Jews can not ascend to the Mount, to pray and say a Psalm is a reality that should not be agreed to and it degrades and said, 'I hope that maybe things will change in my tenure," and perhaps was suggesting future intentions. To his mind, "it was a serious mistake when we gave the place to the Waqf. The world would have expected us to act differently and would have been understanding of us if we had acted differently."


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