Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Temple Mount Activists Raided

That should be "Moslem Activists".


The "Foundation for the Architecture of the Haram and Its Sanctuaries" announced in a statement circulated Tuesday, 02.07.2013 AD that about thirty members of Israel's intelligence unit and police 'stormed' its offices located in the Saladin Street in Jerusalem and confiscated all its contents from a computer and a digital memory.
...The Foundation works openly the statement said: "We are working above ground and under the sun, and no need for the Israeli occupation to do this".



Yehoshua Shiloni said...

I don't suppose that the upcoming Tisha B'Av festival had anything to with the "peaceful rock throwing lovers" members of this Foundation, who as caretakers of the Temple Mount always seem to be lax in their duties of preventing rock throwing incidents at Jewish worshippers during their Holidays.

YMedad said...

doubt it.

they're an around-the-year group of tossers