Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Israel Did Not Burn This Arab

If somehow this gets garbled and you think Israel set this Arab alight, here's the truth:

Liberated prisoner Wisam Marof set himself alight in front of the finance ministry in Ramallah on Sunday protesting the PA’s neglect of his condition.  Eyewitnesses said that Marof, 20, suffered burns in his hands and chest.

Palestinian media quoted Marof after the incident as saying that the PA was marginalizing him and many other liberated prisoners from Israeli jails.

He said that the finance and prisoners’ ministries in Ramallah did not give him any financial assistance despite his difficult economic and health conditions at the pretext that he did not meet the required criteria.

If pressed, I would point a finger at the ... EU.

After all, it's their money that's supporting most of the PA.


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