Wednesday, July 03, 2013

At The Consulate Independence Day Party

This evening the American Consulate-General established as a permanent diplomatic presence in 1857 hosted the annual Independence Day party and I participated after a hiatus of three years, I think.  But that's another story.

It was crowded.  And the kosher table offered potato and noodle kugel and some salad.

I met some new people, saw old friends from the Left like Danny Seidmann and met Betty Hirschman from Ir Amim, Nidal Rafa, and others.  Oh, and finally met, face-to-face, the NYTimes' Jordi Ruderon.

The Consul General, Michael Ratney, here less than a year, is the 50th American diplomat to lead this mission.  He was previously Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Media.  He and his wife, Karen Sasahara, invited the guests.

Here is is making his speech.  He did mention "Israelis" but I'm fairly sure he didn't actually mention "Israel".  He did refer to historical Jerusalem and I'm also certain he didn't mention "Palestinians".


a) Consul General Michael Ratney:

b) The person at the far right below is Rami Hamdallah, the resigned Palestinian Authority Prime Minister.

c) A view of the crowd.

d)  Peace is between people.

e) The Marines always make a great presentation.  That's Miri Maoz-Ovadiah and Yigal Dilmony in-between.

f)  Yours truly and Yigal Dilmony.

g)  IBA's English TV presenter and reporter, Erin Viner and friend.


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