Thursday, February 03, 2011

What Demographic Problem?

From the Israel Hayom daily:

And that reads that

the average Jewish woman's fertility is 2.1 children.

the average Muslim woman's fertility is 3.5 and going down.

the average Jewish woman who resides in Judea & Samaria's fertility is 4.5.

Think about that.



Anonymous said...

You are a moron.
There are half a million Jews in the WB and 3 million Palestinians.The Palestinians are in a majority in Erez Israel.

YESHA has no future.

YMedad said...

And you are an idiot:

The assumption that Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza pose a demographic threat to Israel has to be radically revised. The 2004 Palestinian-Arab population was closer to 2.4 million than to the 3.8 million reported by Palestinian Authority (PA) officials. These findings should have a significant impact on politicians, policy makers and international aid agencies.

The million-and-a-half person gap occurred because the PA numbers are based on Palestine Bureau of Statistics (PBS) 1997 projections, not on actual population counts. The PBS used the PA’s official 1997 census as a base population and assumed the population would grow at 4 to 5% a year, one of the highest growth rates in the world. PA Ministry of Health birth data and actual border entry/exit data, confirm that the PBS expectations were not met in any year between 1997 and 2004. There were dramatically fewer births and lower fertility rates, and instead of immigration, the West Bank and Gaza experienced a steady net emigration. When the PBS incorrect assumptions are applied over many years, the error in population forecast compounds exponentially.

Fewer births: PA Ministry of Health birth reports were substantially lower than the number predicted by the PBS.
Lower Fertility Rates: Palestinian fertility rates declined from the mid-90’s through 2003, according to PA Ministry of Health, consistent with the trend occurring in other Middle Eastern Arab societies.
Net Emigration: Instead of the large immigration originally projected by the PA, the West BAnk and Gaza experienced a steady net emigration averaging 10,000 a year.
Double Counting: 210,000 Jerusalem Arabs who are already counted in Israel’s population survey were included in the PA survey.
Inclusion of non-residents: Palestinians with IDs living abroad for over one year were included in the PA Census & Projection.
Internal migration: 150,000 PA Arabs who have legally relocated to Israel since 1993 are still counted by the PA.
Retrospective Alterations of Recorded Birth data.
The PA's Central Election Commission press release of October 14 2004 acknowledged that the number of eligible voters living in the West Bank and Gaza was only 1.3 million.

The resident population in January 2004 was 2.4 million: 1.35 million in the West Bank and 1.07 million in Gaza in January 2004.


Statistics: West Bank population above 2 million 2008-09-01 19:37:21 Print

RAMALLAH, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- An official Palestinian population census published on Monday by the Palestinian Statistic Center (PSC) showed that the Palestinian population in the West Bank has grown up to 2,350,000.

Lo'ai Shabana, director in chief of PSC said in a statement that the latest results of the population census held in the West Bank in 2007 showed that the population grew from 1,873,000 people in 1997 to 2,350,000 people in 2007.



The population of the West Bank and Gaza is almost completely Palestinian Arab. The bulk of these are Sunni Muslims: 92 percent of West Bankers and 99 percent of Gazans, with the rest Christians.

West Bank Population (2000 estimates) 2.0 million


Population (2010 est.): West Bank: 2,514,845, Gaza Strip: 1,604,238


Gaza will never be reunited with Judea & Samaria so we're doing demographically just fine.