Thursday, June 24, 2010

Israeli Opinion

From latest War and Peace Index Poll:-

We asked: “Some claim that despite the international criticism, Israel should continue the blockade of Gaza and only allow the entry of the most essential items so as to keep the pressure on Hamas and prevent attacks from there on Israel. Others claim that the price Israel is paying for the blockade in world public opinion is higher than the risks of removing it. With which opinion do you agree more?” A sweeping majority of the Jewish public—78%—sided with the first claim, voiced repeatedly in the past by decision-makers, that the blockade should be continued so as to pressure Hamas and prevent attacks. Only a minority—17%—thought the price in terms of international public opinion was too high (note that the survey was done before Prime Minister Netanyahu’s announcement on canceling the limitations Israel had imposed in the past on the entry of goods into Gaza).

The War and Peace Index is written by Prof. Tamar Hermann and Prof. Ephraim Yaar under the auspices of the Evans Program for Conflict Resolution of Tel Aviv University and the Israel Democracy Institute. The telephone interviews were conducted by the Dahaf Institute from June 7-9, 2010, and included 603 interviewees who represent the adult population of Israel (including the territories and the kibbutzim). The sampling error for a sample of this size is 4.5%.

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