Monday, June 28, 2010

US Consulate General Forges Ahead in Creating a "Palestinian Heritage"

Item of interest:

U.S. Consulate General Supports the Opening of the Al-Jib Museum in the West Bank

On May 18, the West Bank community of Al-Jib inaugurated its first cultural heritage museum showcasing Palestinian artifacts and cultural arts. The museum and its gift shop, which features handicrafts made by local female artisans, was made possible through a grant from the U.S. Department of State’s Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation to the Palestinian Association for Cultural Exchange (PACE)...The grant provided much needed support and assistance to three historic villages in the West Bank – Beitin, Aboud, and Al-Jib – as these communities work to preserve their cultural heritage and to promote local tourist destinations.

...The director of PACE and members of the local community, including the mayor and governor, attended the opening ceremony of Al Jib’s cultural heritage museum, and thanked the Consulate General for its support. Cultural Affairs Officer Cynthia Harvey addressed the audience, congratulating them on the success of their program and the launching of the museum, which will benefit Al-Jib residents for the years to come.

In order to have successful peace negotiations, I guess the State Department needs to create also a "Palestinian heritage" so that there should be a "Palestinian people" so that there may be a "Palestinian state".

That's a lot of creative diplomacy.


Even Gaza gets in the act, literally:

Gaza Theater Group Presents American Classic Steinbeck’s “The Pearl”

“Basma” (Smile), a Gazan cultural arts organization, held its first performance of John Steinbeck’s classic story “The Pearl” on May 12 in Gaza. With a $20,000 grant from the Consulate General’s Public Affairs office, Basma translated Steinbeck’s work into classical Arabic and hired actors and a director to stage the play. Approximately 200 people attended the initial performance including intellectuals, artists, and civil society leaders.

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