Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Will The Irish Expel Now a Russian Diplomat or Two?

Sent to me by FB:-

From an Irish friend

A *Richard and Cynthia Murphy* in NJ, and a *Tracey Lee Ann Foley* in Boston, MA are among the 10 held [the Russian spies in the US].

The use of a good Cork name like Murphy is clearly an effort to embarrass Foreign Minister Martin, and scupper his ill-concealed plans to rapidly replace Brian Cowen, while *Foley* must be aimed a well-known retired North Kerry Fianna Fail TD, Denis Foley who was exposed as having a secret off-shore tax-dodging bank account with Ansbasher.

Just has to a Mossad revenge operation - not a Russian one.

Unless of course Richard and Cynthia Murphy are related to Provo IRA chief, Thomas *Slab* Murphy...

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