Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Again, Morning Prayer at Jericho

Rosh Hodesh Av

Rosh Hodesh Shaharit Prayer at “Shalom Al Israel” in Jericho

On Monday 1st Menachem Av (12th July 2010): Departure from the community of “Mevoot Yericho” (with IDF escort) at 7:45 AM. A bus will be provided from Binynei HaUma in Jerusalem at 6:30 AM and will stop over at Beit Hogla at 7:00 AM.

* Possibility of boarding the bus at Beit Hogla (near the old Beit HaArava junction – take Highway 1 from Jerusalem to the Jordan Valley, then turn north on Highway 90 and then travel 2km to the Mul Nevo army base).
* Possibility of arranging a ride from the central area (Petah Tikva, via Highway 5 and Tapuah Junction), phone Yoni 052-3527313.
* Cost: 50 sh; for youth and Yeshiva students: 25 sh.
* Advance booking required with Erna, tel 052-8699300 or Yoni, tel 052-3527313.

New Signposts for Shalom Al Israel

New signposts have been made and, with the help of G-d, we will affix them in and around Shalom Al Israel after the shaharit prayer in the Beit Knesset.

Beit Hogla is 9 Years-Old

We are situated in the lowest place in the world! Opposite Mt Nevo (where Moses is buried), we preserve the tradition of Moses our teacher.

Here is the place of the covenant between the multitudes of the Israelites and G-d, after crossing the Jordan river. Here, the Israelites held the first Pessah in the Land of Israel. Here the Israelites became a People with the aim of conquering the Land

On Monday 1st Menachem Av (12th July 2010) at 18:30: Guided tour and talk in Beit Hogla, followed at 21:00 by a fascinating lesson (in Hebrew) by Rav Doron Rozilio.

Contact Erna, tel 052-8699300 or Yoni, tel 052-3527313.

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