Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tzipi Livni Isn't Dying

You just got to admire the chutzpah of some columnists.

Take Deborah Solomon of the NYTimes.

Here's her final question to Tzipi Livni this week:

Are you dying?

And Ms. Livni replies:

It’s not part of my plan for now.

I do not quite know how to describe Tzipi's answer. Does anyone really "plan" to die? Why not respond: "Are you dying?". Or, "Don't we begin dying the moment we are born?".


What else is there in that interview?

Well, let's read on in Leader of the Opposition

...Many Americans agree Hamas is a disaster, but might Israel do more to show concern for the Palestinian people and the problems they face?

I know that there is no humanitarian crisis.

Why do you say that?

The crossings are open for humanitarian needs. I suggested in the past to put cameras online, on the Internet, for the world to see all the goods entering Gaza Strip. This was my suggestion when I was foreign minister.

Now, that is a good idea. It might have even caught some terror activity by the Gazans.

But here, she gets a bit hubric:-

You lost to him [B. Netanyahu] in the race for prime minister last year. Will you run again?

I will be prime minister. It’s about the future of my state.

Wow, a prophetess in Israel.

And in this series, she avoids the rumors that her husband was very much involved in Foreign Ministry-related projects:-

Isn’t your husband in advertising?

My husband is in branding. He brands places — cities, institutions.

Do you ever talk to him about improving Israel’s image?

Yes, of course. I believe Israel needs branding. I want that the word “Israel” will relate not just to an Israeli soldier or a camel, but Israel as an advanced liberal society with a strong economy and great people.

At least we find this in there:-

On the right of Israel to exist and to defend itself, there is no opposition in Israel.

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