Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Look Inside

Quite interesting.

Maybe the internal conflict is more imminent?

And who is demanding that Western countries "stop funding and supporting the PA and its security forces"?

Hamas warned Wednesday of unspecified repercussions if the Palestinian Authority continues its ongoing detention campaign against West Bank-based supporters and leaders of the Islamic movement.

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is asserting that 30 affiliates were detained overnight and at least 70 more summoned for interrogation by the Ramallah-based PA, which has partial security control over some Palestinian cities.

“The ongoing detentions have exceeded all redlines and exposed [Fatah's] real attitude to Hamas reconciliation,” Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said at a news conference in Gaza City on Wednesday.

He affirmed that a large number of Hamas supporters were detained across the West Bank, especially in Hebron and Nablus. The campaign targeted journalists, academics, and party leaders, he said.

“The repercussions of this campaign will be serious if Fatah does not stop these procedures and release all detainees,” Barhoum warned...Barhoum also alleged that the PA raids coincided with an Israeli campaign against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Jerusalem demolishing houses, expanding settlements, and deporting lawmakers.

...Barhoum also urged donor countries which channel funds to the PA in the West bank to consider their support in light of for the current situation. He urged donors to stop funding and supporting the PA and its security forces.

The top Hamas representative's tone echoed that of Salah Bardawil on Monday following a detention in Hebron a day prior. The spokesman said the move was politically motivated and illegal, noting that "we will be obliged to reciprocate."...

A hot summer?

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