Friday, June 18, 2010

Do You Believe Turkey?

Is there a "Turkey Watch" out there?

Does anybody believe Turkey that they were all rebels?

Turkey's military said Friday it killed as many as 120 Kurdish rebels in an air raid on rebel hideouts in northern Iraq last month and a daylong incursion by elite commandos into Iraq this week.


Maj. Gen. Fahri Kir, the head of the military's internal security operations, said another 30 Kurdish rebels were killed inside Turkey since March in anti-rebel operations.


Hundreds of elite commandos crossed into Iraq for a daylong operation to hunt down a group of rebels who were escaping after an attack near the border town of Uludere. Kir said the commandos, who returned to their bases on the same day, killed five rebels but later intelligence reports suggested that the rebel casualties, also in a coordinated air strike, were about 20.

And Turkey invaded a foreign country? Like doing something in "international waters"?

No human rights violations?

Where's the humanitarian assistance?

Oh, you mean these are terrorists trying to harm Turkish citizens?

Like Hamas in Gaza trying to kill Israelis?


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