Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Read Carefully: How Many "Settlements"?

This is going around regarding left-wing extremism:-

Friday 2/7/2010
Returnig to Sheikh Jarrah
Continuing the struggle! Strengthening the solidarity!
against the settler and police violence, the house demolitions and the eviction of families.

The vigil will start at 16:00
At Shiekh Jarrah garden, Damascus road (next to the American Colony)
You can join us for the march (at 15:00) from Damascus gate to Sheikh Jarrah

New - from the vigil there will be tours to the various settlements in the Sheikh Jarrah
For more information:, Yuval - 054-7982889

Transportation from Tel Aviv will leave from Arlozerov train station at 14:30. for more information call: Lihi - 0504880969


a) there's a spelling typo "returning"

b) just how many "settlements" are there in Shimon HaTzadik? Are there "Arab settlements", too?

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