Tuesday, June 29, 2010

While Mullen Mulls...

Jennifer Rubin, over at Contentions, pegs down Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, and asks What Is Israel to Do?

Quoting him from a JPost report that "A military strike against Iran would be 'incredibly destabilizing'”, Ms. Rubin adds:

...this should certainly unnerve you — on multiple counts. First, we again see that the Obami consider the prospect of a strike on Iran to be ”destabilizing” — apparently more so than a nuclear-armed Iran. Second, Mullen confesses he really doesn’t know how far Iran’s nuclear program has progressed...is it evidence that our intelligence is deficient...Third...he thinks economic sanctions will be ineffective. Finally, and worst of all, even if Mullen believes these things, why in the world would he say them?

Her conclusion is that Mullen and Obama would want us to

...learn to live with a nuclear-armed Iran. As many of us have argued for over a year, that has been and remains, if not the intent, at least the inevitable result of Obama’s Iran policy. That the vast majority of mainstream American Jewish leaders have not woken up to this reality – nor in any meaningful way challenged the administration – is a tragic failure of immense proportions.

I like being a blogger. It's being in good great company, company like Jennifer.

Her opinions and thinking I line up with.

But can't those American Jewish leaders think?

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