Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Haaretz Is Either Ignorant or Biased

This picture, from AP, accompanies a story in Haaretz

and its caption reads:

Settlers pointing handguns at Palestinians near Nablus - Photo by: AP

The story is headlined:

West Bank settlers outraged by Israel Police curb on handguns | West Bank residents claim discrimination as nationwide campaign to limit gun use makes no exception for Israelis living beyond the Green Line

Now, do those look like handguns to you?

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Devorah said...

I'm confused about your point here. Are you saying that Ha'aretz is biased FOR the settlers?

YMedad said...

If you're serious about your confusion,I meant that whereas the revenant Jews are arguing about handguns, the illustrative photo is of machineguns, making the peopole seem a bit more threatening.

Devorah said...

Ah. Now i get it. Thanks!