Monday, June 28, 2010

At The Knesset: Construction Suspension Discussion

I participated in a conference at the Knesset today to discuss the suspension of construction in Yesha, its legal, economic, social and political ramifications. Likud, National Union and HaBayit Hayehudi MKs were present, Yesha leaders including Gershon Mesika, Avi Roeh, Beny Kasriel and others were there as were activists and academics. Commercial and business reps were also there. Economic professionals, building contractors and lawyers made presentations.

The suspension was limited until September 26 and people and groups are getting ready for a variety of options.

No one is convinced things will return to what they were.

But more depressing is the situation in metropolitan Jerusalem where 3000 housing starts need to begin annually but we are no where near that. Jewish population since 1967 has grown 150% but the Arab population by 291%. On the other hand, 40% of the capital's Jewish population lives in neighborhoods beyond the former Green Line boundary. The private land reserves are dwindling and the government must free up public land.


Dr. Aviad HaCohen analyzed the legal aspects of the suspension directive:

MK Yaakov Katzeleh Katz, National Union, conference organizer:

Dany Dayan, Chairman of the Yesha Council:-

Not-quite-frozen construction - a primary school expansion:-

Not-quite-frozen construction:- residential homes:

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