Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shoshana Raziel z"l

At the age of 92 and a half, Shoshana Raziel nee Shpitzer, the widow of Irgun Commander David Raziel, Aluf Ben-Anat, died and was buried today,

She was born on the day General Allenby marched into Jerusalem in December 1917 and lost her husband when, while in Iraq on a mission for the British, he died when strafed by a German bomber.

She was a Worthy Citizen of Jerusalem, an educator and a former Irgun agent in Paris and the United States.

I snapped her at last year's ceremony for her fallen husband here.

Eulogies are prohibited during the Hebrew month of Nissan so just words of parting (milot preida, words of farewell) were said.

Here is the Knesset Speaker, Reuben Rivlin:

Her grave at the second Irgun plot with the Begin Center wreath:

Her great-grand nephew's post here.

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Lord Zim said...

Thank you for your tribute to my great-aunt. I wrote a more personal, lengthy commemoration on my own blog, which you can see here: http://lordzim.blogspot.com/2010/03/remembering-shoshana-raziel.html