Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jerusalem Spreads Out

Here is today's Jerusalem and its neighborhoods, from a very anti-Jewish residency group, but it looks nice anyway:


And here is what the UN thought Jerusalem should look like in 1947:

Even a Pal. site, Passia, concurs:

As I have tried to make clear before, this map makes clear that Jerusalem's corpus separatum, the 'special international regime' borders as per the 1947 Partition Plan recommendation, B-III, and the territory slated for such an entity was much larger than even today's municipal boundaries - which means that all of the so-called "Jewish east Jerusalem neighborhoods" are not in annexed Jerusalem but are in the area the UN set aside for Jerusalem.

So the real question is not whether Israel is "expanding" or is in an area the "belongs" to someone else but will Jews be banned from their city.

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