Sunday, March 21, 2010

Making a Mission Out Of Missionaries

Over the past year or so, a major new effort has been launched to combat what is perceived as a new form of missionary effort by Christians.

Leading this activity is Jewish Israel. I think it quite proper to ferret out those who disguise themselves as "friends". I think that the return to Zion deserves the cooperation and support of all peoples, especially the Christian world as they were in the forefront of trying to send us back to our homeland, if only because of negative reasons. And, of course, there were and are many who do so for all the right reasons.

A conference is being called during Pesach to educate Israelis, and especially those engaged in Torah study and who live in the Yesha communities, regarding financial inducements and contributions that need be checked. It wil be in Hebrew.

Here's the poster:

They are concerned that in a new guise, that of sympathetic monetary support, souls may be snatched.
Speakers include Rabbis Shlomo Aviner, Eliyhau Rachyamim Zini, Tzfanyah Drori, Elchanan Bin-Nun, Yochanan Blass, Tzvi Kostiner and Elisha Vishlitzky.



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