Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family Visit To Bet Shemesh

Yesterday, first day of the Intermediate Days of the holiday (chol hamoed) I traveled to Bet Shemesh to visit family.

On my mother's side, the Shtecklers who came from Brody, there were 7 siblings. Four came to America. My grandmother, Sarah, died when my mother was about 12 and my grandfather went back to Brody in 1932 where he married Regina. The oldest sister was Netta or Nesha. She had three children, one of whom was Stanley Sacks. His two children, Ruthy and Mindy are my second cousins. One lives in Efrat and the other now in Bet Shemesh.

Her son, Moshe, recently got married and they visited from the States which brings me back to the beginning, my visit to them.

Here I am with the young couple:

Here's Mindy on the right:

This is Ruthy:
Some of the crowd:

Ruthy's daughter Israelah:

A good time was had by all.

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