Tuesday, March 30, 2010

George Mitchell vs. Barack Obama

Rick Richman caught a great one.

He transcribed an interview George Mitchell gave in January 2010, where he indicates he has no problem with the Israelis building in Jerusalem.

The exchange:

GEORGE MITCHELL: Now, the others don't see it that way. So you have these widely divergent perspectives on the subject. Our view is let's get into negotiations. Let's deal with the issues and come up with the solution to all of them including Jerusalem which will be exceedingly difficult but, in my judgment, possible. The Israelis are not going to stop settlements in, or construction in East Jerusalem. They don't regard that as a settlement because they think it's part of Israel. …

CHARLIE ROSE: So you're going to let them go ahead even though no one recognizes the annexation?

MITCHELL: You say "Let them go ahead." It's what they regard as their country. They don't say they're letting us go ahead when we build in Manhattan.

(Kippah tip: Daniel Pipes)

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Perry said...

Next time some Jew builds in Brooklyn or Manhattan, let's declare it "illegal construction" and issue an official condemnation.
And if it's a non-Jew (apart from Native Americans), let's call it illegal settlement on territories seized unlawfully from the original inhabitants, and demand the immediate removal of the illegal settlement (would this include the white building on Pennsylvania Avenue, on the land of the Potomac Indians...?)