Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hillary Is Insulting

From a press conference:

MODERATOR: Next question. CBS News, please.

QUESTION: Sorry. This is Charlie Wolfson of CBS for the American Network pool. Secretary Clinton, in the wake of Vice President Biden’s visit to Jerusalem, you used the word “insulting” for events that took place there. Is the Obama Administration past that phase and – in this relationship with Israel? Do you plan to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu when he’s in Washington? And have you spoken with any of the Palestinian leaders in addition to the fact that you’ve now spoken with Prime Minister Netanyahu last night?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, Charlie, as the Quartet statement makes very clear, we are all committed to the launching of proximity talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Senator Mitchell, who was here for the meeting, will be going to brief more of our European allies and then will be in the region to speak with both the Israelis and the Palestinians. He expects to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu before the prime minister leaves for the United States.

I expect to see the prime minister when he and I both address the AIPAC conference in Washington. Our relationship is ongoing. It is deep and broad. It is strong and enduring, and we believe that the launch of the proximity talks is very much in Israel’s interests as it is in the interests of the Palestinians. And to that end, we hope to see those talks commence as soon as possible.

So, she never did answer that question, which is insulting.

And even more so here (and look here):

Ghattas: You took a risk in escalating the tone with Israel last week, I understand the relationship is solid but the Israelis could have said we never promised restraint on settlments in east Jerusalem,- is the risk paying off?

Clinton: I think we're going to see the resumption of the negotiation track and that means that it is paying off because that's our goal. Let's get the parties into a discussion, let's [get] the principle issues on the table and let's begin to explore ways that we can resolve the differences.

Ghattas: Is the pressure on the Israeli prime minister meant to be a moment of clarity, either he delivers on his commitment to peace, or his right wing coalition falls?

Clinton: We're not taking any position and we have no particular stake in who the Israelis choose to govern them. They're a democracy and they make that choice. I think that different parts of government make action or statements that are not in the best interest of the government as a whole and I think what the Prime Minister has said repeatedly is that his government and he personally are committed to pursuing these negotiations and he just has to make sure that he brings in everyone else, that's his responsibility it's not something that the United states can or is interested in doing.

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