Friday, March 19, 2010

Floating An Idea: Another Jerusalem - the El-Kuds District

This is in the press:

Establish "Another Jerusalem" - that is the proposal that has crystallized in the Prime Minister's office, in an attempt to solve the problem of Jerusalem. The idea was raised in the framework of talks for the final status, and no one has obligated himself with regard to it. Nonetheless, a senior figure, who is involved in the negotiations, states that in the final analysis this proposal will be accepted.

Essentially, the proposal establishes "two Jerusalems": United Jerusalem won't be divided and will remain the capital of Israel. But outside the jurisidiction of Jerusalem, in the locality of the neighborhoods of Abu-Dis, Azaria, which is considered, according to the Jordanian definition "El-Kuds District", it will be proposed to the Palestinians to establish their capital and their business capital...[to] allow the Palestinians free access to their holy sites in East Jerusalem...

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