Monday, March 22, 2010

Hillary's Demography Dump

From Hillary Clinton's speech to AIPAC:

But the dynamics of demography, ideology, and technology make this impossible.

First, we cannot ignore the long-term population trends that result from the Israeli occupation. As Defense Minister Barak and others have observed, the inexorable mathematics of democracy – of demography, are hastening the hour at which Israelis may have to choose between preserving their democracy and staying true to the dream of a Jewish homeland. Given this reality, a two-state solution is the only viable path for Israel to remain both a democracy and a Jewish state. (Applause.)

Well, the short answer is that her figures, er, her statistics and population data are in error.

Just go through my blog, searching for "demography", reports by Yoram Ettinger, Yaakov Faitelson and more indicate that to "prove" the need for Israel to yield on Judea and Samaria due to numbers of Arabs is simply wrong.


Hedy said...

According to these numbers, is the solution that you advocate to annex the WB, and give Israeli citizenship to the Pals?

The Jewish state would have a Jewish majority of what- 55-60%?

YMedad said...

That's one possibility. Another is reincluding Jordan, either territorially or functionally. Or calling Arab locations in Israel as "settlements" and apply equal standards to all.