Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Really Quite Simple How Simple the Obama Administration Is

Even a left-winger like Yoel Marcus sees what Obama & Co. is all about:

...Netanyahu made the most far-reaching proposal ever uttered by any Israeli prime minister ever: "Two states for two peoples." There is no need for a translation in order to understand that what he proposed to the other side is a Palestinian state, which means an end to the occupation and the drawing up of permanent borders at the painful price of withdrawal and the eviction of thousands of settlers.

Instead of taking the prime minister at his word, nobody picked up the gauntlet...

...And instead of holding Netanyahu to his public commitment, the Obama administration cooperated with what former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger described as the Palestinians' talent for missing opportunities. American mediators have wasted months listening to far-fetched Palestinian excuses for refusing direct negotiations with Israel.

It isn't clear why the idea of proximity talks came up when Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his friends in leadership positions used to come and go freely for talks with Israel's prime minister and foreign minister in Jerusalem...

What the U.S. administration has proposed is not proximity but distance - keeping the two sides apart...

And, on the other hand, he points out the danger for Yesha:-

This is the first time that an Israeli government is proposing the establishment of a Palestinian state, and they are preoccupied with nonsense such as freezing construction for 10 months. America won't let Israel build beyond the Green Line once negotiations begin anyway.

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