Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't They Know All of Israel is a "Settlement"?


Shamir Salads, an Israeli company located in the West Bank, is marketing its products in Europe using a false address west of the Green Line, violating an agreement between Israel and the European Union.

Jewish activists last week gave the left-wing Gush Shalom movement a label from a Shamir Salads hummus tin they bought in The Hague. The tin has a Kiryat Ata address on it and a Tel Aviv area phone number.

The company's Internet site, however, says it can be contacted at Shamir Salads 2006 ltd., P.O.Box 5, Barkan industrial area...Gush Shalom accused Shamir Salads of deceiving both the European tax authorities and the consumers, who are not aware they are buying a product made in the settlements.

First of all, our right to reside in and build on the land is affirmed by the Mandate's Article 6 which guarantees "close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands not required for public use".

"Land". Not "country". Doesn't matter what political regime - Mandate, state, autonomy.

Secondly, Arab propaganda refers to all of Israel as full of "settlements".

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