Thursday, September 03, 2009

BBC Bums It

That discovery of an ancient wall from over 3000 years ago?

The BBC found a new angle.

Read the following carefully:-

Critics say Israel uses such projects as a political tool to bolster Jewish claims to occupied Palestinian land.

Excavations at the site, known as the City of David, are in a Palestinian neighbourhood just outside the walls of Jerusalem's old city.

Okay, let's deconstruct the text.

a. To be fair, it could be claimed that the discovery bolsters the Canaanite claims.

Ah, there are no Canaanites? So, who is next in line? The Jebusites? The Hittites? They're not around? So, the Jews win?

b. "Palestinian claims"? "Palestinians" are only Arabs? When were they here before 638 CE?

c. "Palestinian neighborhood"? Who is bolstering whose claims now?

d. "Known as the City of David"? Was he a "Palestinian", named 'Daud'? Or, just maybe a Jew, an Israelite, a Hebrew? Someone not an Arab?

e. Hey, who is really using a political tool when they destroy Jewish archaeological artifacts, cover them up, steal them, ignore them, throw them away?

Who is really afraid of excavations, like, maybe, somewhere/anywhere in the Temple Mount compound to discover its Jewish history?

P.S. Don't forget my analysis of Nur Masalha's "Canaanite Eyes" article. Here's Part Two.

Whay? You didn't read Part One?

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