Thursday, September 24, 2009

Death By Flatulention

Now, how did they discover that

'....Suicide bomber Abdullah Hassan Tali al-Asiri attempted to kill a Saudi prince by detonating explosives hidden in his bottom.....'

The story:

Bomb in anal cavity raises new airline concern


'....A terrorist bombing in Saudi Arabia has raised fresh concerns about airline security after the bomber detonated an explosive device concealed in his anal cavity. In the attack on August 28, the bomber obliterated himself but the
prince survived shaken but unharmed.

Stratfor said it was unknown how the Saudi terrorist detonated the bomb, although it appeared to have been by some sort of remote control as protruding wires would have been detected by security searches......'


By flatulention.

Get ready for anal probings at airports.

(Kippah tip: LK)

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