Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bye-By NYTimes

A good friend sent me his letter to the Public Editor of the New York Times:

Dear Public Editor,

After 40 years as a dedicated NYT reader, I have today regretfully cancelled my subscription.

I have long been disturbed by the clear (in my view at least) editorial and reporting bias against Israel, in the news reports and certainly in the editorial/opinion pages. The last straw was the shocking lack of coverage this past Friday and Saturday of President Netanyahu’s courageous speech before the UN on Thursday. We are forced to suffer the hypocrisy of the U.N., an institution which gives prime coverage to leaders who are criminals, thugs and genocidal killers, while it focuses its most vicious attacks on Israel, a democratic country fighting for its life. Netanyahu’s speech, in which he challenges those who sat silently listening to the holocaust denying President of Iran, with: “Have you no shame!” was a powerful moment for all those who value freedom. Many other papers featured this speech prominently, with powerful pictures, on their front page.

Your coverage of Netanyahu was buried on page. 6, reduced to one small paragraph. Your on-line paper carried a Reuters report in greater detail, but you obviously did not see the need to give any coverage in print. You have lost any sense of credibility, in my mind. You offered extensive, wonderful coverage of Obama’s attempts for global cooperation, which may in fact lead nowhere. Yet, you failed to seriously cover perhaps the most critical challenge of our time: standing up to a homicidal, genocidal, anti-Semitic, racist regime that has shown no compunction in murdering, raping and torturing its own people!

Have you, the NYT, no shame!

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