Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some More Haaretz Perversion

In his Haaretz blog, Bradley Burston notes that

...Palestinian terrorism, whether borne by Qassam or suicide bomber, has decreased dramatically.

But there is something that bothers him

At the same time, terrorism, whether real or not, remains central to Israel's explanations of many of the most morally problematic of its policies, including the siege of Gaza and restrictions on the movements and commerce of Palestinians in the West Bank.

He then is less-than-exact when claiming that

For the right, the specter of terrorism has become the primary, at times, the only argument against territorial compromise in the West Bank.

and concludes

So reliant has Israel become on terrorism as the underpinning of its policies, it remains to be seen if its reflex dependency on Palestinian violence can be replaced by a world view appropriate to a Holy Land uncontaminated by terrorism.

and that conclusion finds its pithy summary in the blog headline

The Gaza War 'victory' - Has Israel grown dependent on terror?

The man is mad I tell you.

Of course if the security situation were improved so that the Arabs halted their terror, discrimination within Israel against Arabs and the harsher elements of Israel's military administration in Judea and Samaria would be drastically reduced.

Of course, the real question is in the other direction:

is Arab 'Palestinian' nationalism nothing but
a terror campaign to prevent the Jews
from establishing their state?
Do they want a state or to act so that they Jews
don't merit a state of their own?

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